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Marangu Route - Kilimanjaro Hiking:
The Most Popular & Oldest Route On Mt:Kilimanjaro

This Marangu route - Kilimanjaro Hiking is one of the most popular and well-known routes for climbing Mount Kilimanjaro, the highest peak in Africa. This route offers a unique experience, as it provides hikers with the opportunity to trek through several different vegetation zones, ranging from rainforest to alpine desert. The route is also known as the ''Coca-Cola'' route due to its popularity and availability of amenities. The Marangu route covers a distance of approximately 64 kilometers and takes around 5-6 days to complete, depending on pace of the group. The highest point on the route is Uhuru Peak, which stands at an impressive elevation of 5895m above the sea level. The hike to the summit usually takes place overnight and takes around 6-8 hrs to complete, providing hikers with an unforgettable sunrise experience at the top of Africa, this may be a unique experience in your lifetime adventures to be at the to of the among of the 7 natural summit of the world.

Summary For The Marangu Route On Mt:Kilimanjaro

  Hintc  5 Days  6 Days
Success Rate 80% 90%
Acclimatize 75% 90%
Population 35% 65%
Price Range $1250Pp $1400Pp
Tour Type Challenge Average..

About Marangu Route Kilimanjaro Hiking

Commonly, the route is also known as the coca cola route because it is widely considered to be the easiest route. This is not very accurate as its short time frame does not favor acclimatization. The highlight about the path is mainly its sleeping arrangement, where instead of tents climbers sleep in huts (Mandara Hut:60 beds, Horombo Hut:120 beds & Kibo Huts: 60 beds) and the trail has gradual slope and direct path to the peak(5895M). The route is almost as scenic as other routes but since the ascent and descent is done on the same path, the other routes are more superior to it. As it seems to be a short route it has only 3 stop points(Camps/Huts) from the starting point/gate 1,860 meters (6,100 feet) :
Mandara Huts- Appro 2,700meters (8,858 feets),
Horombo Huts- Appro 3,720 meters (12,200 feet),
and Kibo Huts- Appro 4,703 meters (15,430 feet) Above the sea level

Group Join Private Marangu route Kilimanjaro Departures

Tanzania Safari Radar has a scheduled daily departures for both private and group joining. You can join the fixed groups from Monday to Sunday fo both 5 and 6 days in summer time from June, July August, September, October December to January and February. With friendly cancellation policy at fear price ranging $1250 to $1700 depend on what is included, best team for your best memory in your lifetime. You can book a group join to Marangu route in either 5 or 6 days through either
Email:, or by WhatsApp: +255679401865

Marangu Route Kilimanjaro
Tour Packages

Marangu Route Join Group Daily Departures (High Season) 2023 2024 2025

June, July August, September, October December, and January

Day Group Type Group Size Condition
Monday Fixed Group 5pp Max Still open
Tuesday Fixed Group 5pp Max Still open
Wednesday Fixed Group 6pp max Still open
Thursday Fixed Group 4pp Max Still open
Friday Fixed Group 6pp Max Still open
Saturday Fixed Group 7pp Max Still open
Sunday Fixed Group 5pp Max Still open

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More About Marangu Route

The route can be done in just five days but it is highly advised to take an extra day at horombo hut for acclimatization. The trail approaches the mountain from south east, and only takes about 1hr to reach the gate from moshi town. If you are looking for best route while hiking to Mount Kilimanjaro then marangu should be on the top of your list as meals are served in open canteens. You will be sharing the canteen space with other trekkers so this can be an enjoyable experience. However if you are want privacy you may want to consider other routes. During rainy season marangu can be a run to route because of the accommodation style offered, the huts are more dry and comfortable compared to tents. Regalo adventures offers both 5 and 6 days hike to the mountain using the marangu route.