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The Best Route On Mt Kilimanjaro Climbing: Lemosho Route
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This Lemosho Route on Mount Kilimanjaro is best and current popular route (Beautiful route) for Mt:Kilimanjaro summit in either 6, 7, 8 or 9 days. The route is less crowded, beautiful and provide enough acclimatization session for more chance to make it (Success rate) with 70% to 95%, as more days as more percent to summit at the Uhuru Peak the highest point in Africa and the free standing mountain on the earth which has wined a chance to be in among of the seven summits of the world (5,895M).

Whether you are the bignner(s) or with some experience of hiking if not a mountanier(s), either by group joining or private style, this may be a best route for you. Explore enough for your choice then reach us for booking to make a remarkable once-in-a-life-time memory.


  • Why Lemosho is the best route?
  • The Lemosho route is regarded as the best route because of its longer itinerary that allows better acclimatizaion, is considered as one of the easiest routes on Kilimanjaro climbing. Though climbers will still to ascend the Barranco wall and climb steeply on smmit during the night. Actually no technical climbing is required but a good level of fitness is highly recommended. The following are qualities for Lemosho to be the best route

  • Scenery:
  • The Lemosho route offers stunning views of the mountain from various angles and perspectives. The route starts from the west and passes through the Shira Plateau, this offer panoramic views of the mountain its reliefs around.

  • Longer Itinerary:
  • The best Lemosho route has a longer itinerary compared to other popular routes like Machame and Marangu. The longer itinerary allows a climber to acclimatize better in a particular altitude, increasing their chances of reaching the summit.

  • Less Crowded
  • The best Lemosho route is less crowded than other popular routes such like machame route and Marangu route, which means you will have more privacy and a quieter hiking experience.

  • Success Rate
  • The Lemosho route has a high success rate (70% - 95%) due to its longer itinerary and proper acclimatization, making it a safe for a climber.

  • Acclimatization
  • The Lemosho route allows for proper acclimatization, as it has longer itinerary than other popular routes. An extra time help a climber adjust to altitude and finally help in reducing the risk of altitude sickness. Therefore, best route should include the better acclimatization for those have less experience and begginners in hiking.

    However, its important to note that no route is ''the best'' for everyone, as personal preferences and physical abilities can vary. Therefore it is recommended to do your own reseach for choosing the best route for your hiking, this depend the nature of the route, your fitness and your time table (number of days).

    The Best Acclimatization In Lemosho Route

    Officialy, the Lemosho route is considered the best route to climb Mount Kilimanjaro, since it offer a higher chance of reaching the summit due to its longer duration and excellent acclimatization. The most recommended package is 8 days though even 7 days is still better compared to 6 days which seems to be challenge a little bit, 8 days is better as it provide ample time for hikers to acclimatize to the high altitude and minimize the risk of altitude sickness.

    Critical to note, acclimatization is a crucial factor for a successful climb on Nount Kilimanjaro, and longer time on the mountain is highly recommended.
    6-day Lemosho route has 68% summiting rate, climb will allow for some acclimatization, but it is not recommended for begginers and are susceptible sickness.

    A 7-day Lemosho route success rate is 84%, is more feasible and allows for better acclimatization. This give a chance hikers to spend more time at higher altitudes, Icreasing their red blood cell count and Oxygen carrying capacty, which are crucial for summit success.

    Lemosho The Best Route On Mt;Kilimanjaro
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    About Mount Kilimanjaro

    Tanzania Safari Radar is full awear with the ranking as the highest mountain in Africa and the highest single free-standing mountain in the world. Kilimanjaro Mountain is also a home to every kind of ecological system there is, from cultivated land, to rainforest, alpine desert, and arctic summit.

    An adventurous climb to its peak will surely leave you with memories of a life time. Although it may be challenging the climb is suitable for anyone willing to take on the challenge no matter previous climbing experience.

    This snowcapped, cone shaped mountain will without doubt take your breath away; it is also famously known as the roof Africa.Kilimanjaro Radar