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Machame Route - Kilimanjaro Climbing
The most Popular 6, 7 & 8 Days

This Machame route Kilimanjaro is one of the most popular and picturesque routes to climb Mt:Kilimanjaro , the highest point in Africa and freestanding tallest mountain in the world. It also known as Whiskey Route because of its difficulty level. The length of the Machame route is approximetly 62kilometers (38.5miles) long, and may be atended in either 6, 7 or 8 days depending on the itinerary choosen.

The Best Time To Climb Machame Route

The best time to climb the Machame route is from June to October and December to February when the weather is mostly clear and dry. The route starts at Machame gate, which is located at an elevetion of 1,640meters (5,380 feets), and it gradually ascends to the highest point of the mt:Kilimanjaro, Uhuru Peak, at an elevetion of 5,895 meters (19,341 feet).

About The Machame Route Kilimanjaro Climbing 6, 7, and 8 Days

6-Day Machame Route

The 6-day Machame route itinerary is the shortest and most challenging route up the mountain. It involves a steep ascent, and well-acclimatized to the altitude. With limited time may be particular for, but keep in your mind that it need high fitness level and some actions to avoide mountain sickness.

7-Day Machame Route

The 7-day itinerary is the most popular route, allowing for better acclimatization and a higher chance of reaching the summit. It also includes an overnight stay at Karanga Camp {3,995meters (13,107 feets)} above the sea level.

8-Day Machame Route

Moreover, the 8-day itinerary is the longest and most leisurely route, with an additional acclimatization at Karanga Camp and an overnight stay at Crater Camp, located at an elevetion of 5,730 meters (18,799 feets). This an extra day helps climbers to adjust to the high altitude and increase their chances of reaching the summit (Uhuru Peak).

The most Popular Machame Route Kilimanjaro Success Rate

85% success rate of reaching summit (Uhuru Peak 5895M) via Machame route, it is important to note that altitude sickness being the most common reason for climbers not making it to the top.
Finally, last but not least, Tanzania Safari Radar will give you an experienced guide and porters but also cook to ensure your saftey and enjoyable experience.

The most Popular Machame Route 6, 7, & 8 Days Tour Packages

The Machame route is one of the most scenic and popular routes for climbing Mount Kilimanjaro, which is the highest point of Africa. The 6, 7, and 8-day tour packages offer climbers a challenging and rewarding experience, with different options to suit their preferences and fitness levels. The Machame route
6-day tour covers a distance of approximately 62km, starting at an altitude of 1,640m and reaching the summit at 5,895m .
The 7-day Machame route covers a similar distance but allows for better acclimatization with an extra day at the Karanga Camp.
The 8-day Machame route tour is the longest and offers the most time for acclimatizatin, covering a distance of approximately 100 kilometers, starting at an altitude of 1,800m and reaching the summit at 5,895m.

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More About Machame Route Kilimanjaro
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Compared to marangu route which is also popularly known as coca –cola route the machame path can be bit challenging and its best for hikers who are more adventurous and have high altitude experience and a good hiking record. Regard less of that with the right mindset, preparation and a good team; summit can be reached with just about anybody.

The path is easy to access from the town of Moshi, and almost 50% of all climbers prefer the route. Each day on the path presents different eco system to experience which is one of the main reasons it is so popular.
The hike begins in the Kilimanjaro fertile montane rainforest. The place receives much precipitation, so trekking poles will be needed as the trail is usually slippery. The path keeps heading towards shira plateau, then climbs to the volcanic plug, lava tower and thereafter dropping and circling below the south ice field. The circular path from Barranco to Karanga to Barafu is also known as the Southern circuit. The challenging approach to the summit is done from east going through endless switchbacks until the Stella point, and finally a flat path to Uhuru Peak. Descent is made via mweka trail.